Stone is undoubtedly one of the most charming and rustic materials you can build a house with. For years, stone has been associated with wealth, but it has become much more available to build your house with. Is a stone house expensive to build?

A stone house is expensive to build because stone is a more expensive building material. There are higher labour, connections, design, site and building costs. But stone houses come with many benefits such as high durability, a longer lifespan, energy efficiency, and aesthetically pleasing finishes.

That said, there are many things you can do to reduce the cost of building with stone. In general terms, though, you will spend more money on stone than you would on brick. Let’s look further into this.

Are stone houses expensive to build?

Stone houses are expensive to build because the stone is a more expensive building material. But with this added cost comes added durability and sturdiness in stone houses.

It’s more than the stone as a house material that makes stone houses expensive to build. The cost of labour can be higher because you need labourers specialised in working with stone. The good news is that many people are recommending building stone houses these days. So, there are more labourers learning to properly construct a stone house, which can help stop the cost from skyrocketing.

Stone houses can end up taking longer to build which is another influence on the cost of building a stone house. But, again, with the popularity increasing, more people are becoming professional stone house builders. If you have a team full of experienced labourers, the process hopefully won’t be stretched out much longer than other house builds.

The other contributor to stone house expenses is getting the connections to the house set up. Connections and utilities are typically more expensive to install on stone houses.

But even though they are expensive to build, stone houses have lots of benefits that are worth the money. With the use of quality masonry tools, experienced labourers, and good stone, your house can be much more durable than other houses.What costs come with building stone houses?

What costs come with building stone houses?

The two main expensive costs that come with building a stone house are the materials and the labour. It’s no different to most other houses, except the cost is higher. Natural stone is a more cumbersome material to transport and work with. The stone can then need some processing to create the look that you want for your stone house. Plus, there can be stone carving involved if you want special designs such as archways. You will need people skilled in different masonry styles to create the desired finish on a stone house. These add to the cost of the materials and the labour involved to create your stone house.

There is the option to use stone veneer which can be a lot cheaper than a full stone construction. For natural stone siding, you can expect to pay between €25 and €40 per square foot.

There are many different kinds of stone you can use to build a stone house. If it’s full, natural stone, not veneer, you can expect to pay around €250 per tonne.

Adding to the costs of building a stone house, as we mentioned, is the cost of your connections. Because of how hard stone is, getting connections to gas, electricity, and plumbing isn’t always easy. There’s a higher risk of cracking the stone on the house while trying to set up these connections. The solutions to avoid this happening can end up costing quite a bit.

So, are stone houses worth the big price tag?

Are stone houses worth the price?

Stone houses are worth the price for their durability, maintenance, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. Being a natural resource, building a stone house can be more environmentally friendly.

Stone is also highly durable which is one of the biggest advantages of a stone house. The house will be able to withstand years of severe weather, being more resistant to water, wind, and even fire damage.

A stone house requires less maintenance than other houses such as brick. Stone houses require minimal cleaning over long periods of time. This, again, ties into the durability of stone.

When properly insulated, stone houses are highly energy efficient as well!

Finally, depending on what your future plans are, stone houses are highly aesthetically pleasing, and in high demand. This means that they tend to fetch a much better price than other more common materials, like bricks. If you intend to move and sell one day, then stone construction is a great investment. The value of the house will usually be higher than other houses.

With all of these benefits, it’s clear that a stone house is definitely worth the price!

How much does it cost to build a stone house in Ireland?

The cost of building a stone house in Ireland will be closer to €180 per square foot, sometimes more. Pure, natural stone is one of the most expensive materials to use when building a house. Generally, the cost of building a house in Ireland ranges from €110 to €180 per square foot. With stone being a more expensive material, the cost falls closer to the higher end.

If you are wanting to build a fancy contemporary stone house, the price can be quite expensive. Plus, the availability of materials, cost of labour, and location of the build can all cause the price to go up or down. These factors influence the cost of building any house. With stone houses being a more expensive build, you need to be prepared for added high costs.

With the price of building a stone house in mind, it’s important to take your time considering what house you want. Also, the expenses that come with that type of house. But, as we’ve mentioned, there are many benefits to stone houses making them worth the money!

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