With examples like the Colosseum and Stonehenge, you know that stone is one of the most long-lasting building materials. People have used stone throughout history to create stunning and practical housing, as well as grand landmarks adored around the world. We examine some of the advantages of using stone when building your perfect home.

The main advantages of stone houses are their beauty and their hardwearing, low maintenance, and effective insultation properties. Sourcing stone for your house can be a more environmentally friendly than other building materials. Stone often creates higher property resale values than other comparable properties.

Stone should be considered by anyone looking to build or buy a home that will stand the test of time and we go through the main advantages in this article.

Are Stone Homes Hard-Wearing?

Stone is one of the hardest wearing building materials. It is tough enough to withstand fire, water, and wind. Not only that, stone offers a greater level of safety and security to your home. It is important to think about your home’s endurance, it is a long term investment after all!

Stone is resistant to insects and pests like termites, woodworm, and rodents which often damage buildings. These pests can be a problem in weaker materials such as timber which may also grow damp over time and need replacing.

There are many past examples that prove stone’s amazing abilities. Just look around at the castles, churches, or bridges in the world that are made from stone. Compared to other materials such as wood which can rot, concrete that can deteriorate, and cladding that can burn, stone is a great choice and is very low-maintenance.

Are Stone Homes Attractive?

Stone homes are very beautiful and charming. Stone is a naturally good-looking material in its own right and there are many choices to select from each with its own characteristics and textures. Stones are also available in most areas and they are often regionally distinct such as Jurassic limestone which is found in the South of England. This helps stone homes fit into a local theme and adds to its charm.

Stones can also lessen the level of upkeep and care needed to be put into homes. For example, whilst painted or rendered homes may need to be updated due to staining or peeling, stone homes offer a more hassle-free option. Stone homes need very little cleaning and can be easily washed with water if they ever become dirty or dull. This makes life easier for those who own stone homes!

Is Stone an Insulating Building Material?

Stone has great insulating properties which can make your home more cost effective. Although stone is often wrongly linked to cold and cooling effects, due to its high thermal mass, stone heats up during the day and releases warmth slowly at night. This actually reduces the level of heating needed to warm your building. Thick stone walls also allow for better soundproofing which is great for when your property may be attached to another building or a terraced home. But internal stone walls can create issues with wifi reception across the home.

is stone a good insulation material

You can create a passive solar design with stone and with it’s ability to store heat within the walls. It will also help preserve heat in the winter which is perfect for slightly cooler climates like those found in North-Western Europe. But if your stone home is located somewhere with a very hot climate, extra insulation may be needed in order to keep the building at a good temperature.

How Are Stone Homes Good for The Environment?

The ever-growing amount wooden housing is causing environmental issues such as deforestation. Stone building materials are readily available in the earth and can often be found locally rather than imported. This is better than wooden structures which are adding to the destruction of natural habitats across the globe. New studies have shown that the carbon footprints of materials like sandstone and granite are much lower than materials like steel and cement. This is a key factor to think about when building a new home.

Many people are trying to be more environmentally aware in their everyday lives by reducing their intake of animal products or the amount that they use their cars. But building materials is an important factor often overlooked when trying to live a more ethical lifestyle. 

Do Stone Homes Have Good Resale Value?

Natural stone homes are highly sought-after due to their beautiful architecture. This makes them generally a good investment. This is especially the case when thinking about the long-term retail value of the property. The material of your house is always something to think about if you know that you are wishing to sell it later down the line.

You are not restricted when it comes to stone. You can pair stone with other building materials to create a wide range of internal and external features. These features also increase the worth of your property in the future and make your home more attractive. This includes things like grand entrances, stone pillars, marble countertops or bathroom flooring which are both hard-wearing. Outdoor stone features are also possible such as backyard patios or walkways. All of these ideas are desirable qualities that future buyers pay extra money for.

So, if you’re looking to build your own home or thinking about revamping an old one, then there are clearly a number of options to consider before doing so.

We think that stone materials are great to use in order to make a stunning yet comfortable property. They also help to make a long-lasting home for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

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Let us know in the comments your experiences with stone homes and what advice you would give those looking to buy or build their own!

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